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Health Economics and Policy

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Health Economics and Policy


This project aims to undertake high quality and policy relevant research on the following issues (but not limited to):
• Health care financing and expenditures
• Production of health and health behaviours
• Demand for health and health care
• Demand and supply of health service
• Inequality in health and access to health service
• Socio-economic inequalities child and maternal health
• Health, socioeconomic status and lifestyle factors
• Economic evaluation of health and health care
• Impact of health on labour market outcome
• Health care costs of non-communicable diseases

Students interested in pursuing a PhD (or Masters) in any of the above topics or related topics are encouraged to contact Associate Professor Rasheda Khanam ( for further details.

The potential students are expected to have:
(1) an academic background in any of these fields: economics, health economics, labour economics, econometrics, statistics and public health, AND,
(2) research publications in relevant fields.

Principal Supervisor

Associate Supervisors

Research Affiliations
  • Centre for Health Sciences Research
  • School of Business

Field of Research
  • Applied Economics

Available Academic Programs
  • Doctor of Philosophy (DPHD)
  • Master of Research (MRES)

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Pre-approved for Ethics
Not Applicable

Admission Requirements

Please review the admission requirements for the academic program associated with this Thesis Topic

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