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Enhancing outcomes through mentoring

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Enhancing outcomes through mentoring


Research projects related to improving outcomes through mentoring are available. Depending on student interest and context, a range of issues would be relevant if there is a potential to add to the body of knowledge. Contexts might include Online mentoring, STEM mentoring, Gender mentoring, Mentoring for enhanced leadership, Mentoring for marginal students, Intergenerational mentoring, Mentoring to support rural and remote learners.

Principal Supervisor

Associate Supervisors

Research Affiliations
  • Institute for Resilient Regions
  • School of education

Field of Research
  • Communications Technologies
  • Education Systems
  • Other Education
  • Other Technology
  • Specialist Studies in Education

Available Academic Programs
  • Doctor of Philosophy (DPHD)

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Admission Requirements

Please review the admission requirements for the academic program associated with this Thesis Topic

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