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Effect of Early-diagnosed Dementia on Normal Gait COP Path

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Effect of Early-diagnosed Dementia on Normal Gait COP Path


In this research the effect of early-diagnosed dementia subjected will be tested to determine whether this chronic illness affect both low-limbs. The COP path of early-diagnosed dementia subjects will be tested on level surface and short access ramp upslope and downslope walking. Plantar pressure will be acquired during gait on these surfaces. A newly developed COP path analysis technique will be utilised to determine the effect on both low-limbs gait characteristics. COP path and plantar pressure distribution will be compared to the data of adults and older adults to determine the incidence of COP path anomalies.

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  • Centre for Health Sciences Research

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  • Human Movement and Sports Science

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  • Doctor of Philosophy (DPHD)

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